Thursday, October 9, 2008

Really hoping for another fight

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As the Rays have proved time and again this season, they're not afraid of a good rumble. Back in June, James Shield and Coco Crisp (and multitudes of teammates) got into an ugly brawl in Fenway. Then Boston closer Jonathan Papelbon added to the hostilities by making some not-so-veiled threats of retaliation. It's obvious these two teams don't like each other. The Rays and Sox haven't come to blows since then, but will the pressurized environment of the ALCS ramp up the tensions?[Source: Fox Sports]

What should we expect from this series, first game starting tonight, at 8:37 pm EST. I personally would love to see a fight, but they will probably hold themselves back.


Gizmo said...

I really hope so! They are so much fun!

SportJock said...

Coco Crisp TKO in the 5th