Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hold all my calls!

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Many of us are aware of the dangers of talking on your cell phone while driving. Well a Canadian software company may have come up with a solution.

Aegis Mobility announced Monday that it has created a software called called DriveAssistT (yes, the extra T is supposed to be there) that will hold calls coming through on your cell phone while you are driving. The software is programmed to detect when the phone is moving at car speed. When this happens, it sends a message to the cellular network to hold all calls and text messages until the driver is finished driving. Callers on the other end will hear a message letting them know that the person they are calling appears to be driving. Now I know you may be thinking "what if its an emergency"? In that case, the caller can hit a button to leave an emergency voice mail, which is put through immediately.

The DriveAssistT software will work on phones with Windows Mobile software, "smart" phones, or Symbian software, used in phones from Nokia and Sony Ericsson. It uses the phone's Global Positioning System chip to detect when it is moving, in addition to the cell-tower signal, as well as a Wi-Fi antenna (when applicable).

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