Friday, October 17, 2008

Pro-Bowler "Deactivated"

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Larry Johnson, 28, of the Kansas City Chiefs has rushed for 417 yards and three touchdowns 6 weeks into the season. On September 28 against Denver, the only victory the Chiefs (1-4) have, Johnson gained 198 yards.

However, Johnson will be sitting out of this weeks game against the Tennesse Titans due to a "deactivation"* for violating team rules. This could be a "potentially crippling blow for a struggling young offense facing the NFL's last unbeaten team."[]

Coach Herm Edwards has not stated what team rule was broken, but proclaims that it does not have anything to do with the simple assault charge brought against Johnson earlier this week for pushing a women in a night club back in February.

*Deactivation vs. Suspension: Suspension means the player will not be paid for the week and cannot practice.

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Gloria Ironbach said...

Freakin' Johnson....he is screwing up my fantasy football team!