Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Door room by day, hotspot by night

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College dorm rooms are designed more for studying than socializing, but that didn’t stop Zack Anderson and RJ Ryan from creating a party spot in their cramped students’ quarters at MIT during their freshman year. The two enterprising electrical engineering and computer science majors designed a Multifunction In-Dorm Automation System, a.k.a. MIDAS, which uses voice activation to control web access, a music server, information displays, a security system, electric blinds, and more to showcase their tech talents as well as make their dorm a cool place to hang.

But it was the MIDAS “Party Button” that transformed the room from a geek retreat to a chic party place. Watch the video below and click here for your Free Bose Acoustimass Home Entertainment System Speakers.

Pushing the button turned off the lights, lowered the blinds, cranked up techno music over a 5.1 speaker system and activated an array of lights, including a sound-activated strobe and several lasers as well as a revolving disco ball, while a fog machine filled the roughly 9 x 12 space with a smoky ambiance. An LCD projector, computer monitor displaying Winamp visualization and an oscilloscope showing the waveform of the music create high-tech eye candy, while surveillance cameras recorded the whole scene. [Source: Doug Newcomb, special to MSN Tech & Gadgets]

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