Thursday, October 9, 2008

Realistic, High End Rock Band Accessory

Get your Ion Drum Rocker for Free.

Take your music gaming experience to the next level. With the Ion Drum Rocker, you're not playing games anymore - you're playing drums. The Drum Rocker delivers a set of four ultra-quiet pro-quality drum pads, a sturdy and highly configurable stand, cymbal pads and a rock-solid metal kick drum pedal. The result is a drum set controller that will last for years and give the gamer the ability to not only better enjoy their games, but also actually develop skills that will transfer to playing real drums. The Drum Rocker improves on existing drum controllers in a number of ways. The drum pads offer a more realistic response while dramatically reducing stick noise, putting the focus on the sound of the game rather than the sound of sticks hitting plastic drum pads. The cymbal pads allow the gamer to play cymbal parts as intended, rather than on the same pads they use to play drum parts. The metal kick drum pedal is far more playable and durable than the plastic pedal included with other controllers, and the aluminum stand avoids the one-size-fits-all approach of current controllers, allowing the player to set up their kit exactly how they want. [Source: So Hood Magazine]


Slavick said...

This is awesome. Should work great with Rock Band 2.

Artsy said...

Great find! I can't wait to try it!